Nothing Says “I Love You” Like A Kidney Stone

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I was going to upload a pic of hubby and I but I can’t find our wedding picture. If you want to see it you will have to hunt down The Phoenix Gazette from February 14, 1996. We were front page news way back then.
I’ve posted a picture of what we look like today.

In 1995, I moved in with my, then friend Sean, as I was leaving my husband after 13 years of marriage. That was a tough time in my life as I liked my then husband but I wasn’t “In Love with him” I needed to move out. Sean and I met during the time you didn’t use the internet to meet people you logged onto a local BBS with your phone line. We talked and I met him a few times and I really loved his sense of humor.

I moved in with Sean in January of 1995 and by October 1995 we were thinking of getting married. There was no proposal just decided that if we were to get married we would do it via a radio station DJ named Dave Pratt. It would keep the cost down and we could really party.

On Valentine’s Day 1996, we were married at the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Phoenix by the radio DJ. Our two friends, Coppertop and Mik, both from the same BBS, where our witnesses.  This was also one of the last events my Mother attended before her death in 1997.  My mother and our two friends were the only people allowed to attend our wedding as there was limited amount of space in the restaurant.  (I’m probably one of the few that when I hear Hard Rock Cafe I think of my wedding and not the place where Anna Nicole Smith died.) We had to be at Hard Rock at 5 am in the morning as the ceremony would begin sometime before 10 am as the restaurant opened at 10:30 or 11:00 am. One of the bakeries donated a cake, and we had orange juice to toast by. It was a beautiful day that I will remember forever. Our song was and still is Highway to Hell. I make my husband dance to it every time I hear it.

Now move forward to 2009 at 5am! My eyes were half glazed over from lack of sleep. I just followed an ambulance from one hospital to another. In the back is my wonderful husband of 13 years, and he is being transferred to another hospital because he has a GIANT kidney stone that needs to be removed. Nothing says I love you like a kidney stone. The poor guy had developed a kidney stone that was so huge it took up 4 centimeter squares on the CT scan, and this means he needs to go where the Urologist will be, a hospital that is about 5 miles from where we are. We live in Phoenix, are you kidding me? Yeah the Urologists here roam because they don’t like to be on staff at hospitals.

So my Valentine’s day was spent at the hospital most of the time, unless I was asleep at home. Hubby was and still in a lot of pain as they had to put a stint in to move the stone as it is so large it has caused some problems with one of his kidneys and they are trying to get it to function properly again before they attempt removal. For the next two weeks he will perform his normal duties, work and such until he can do outpatient surgery.

I went back late yesterday to the hospital, where Hubby saved his bowl of strawberries and asked the nurse if there was another bowl as he wanted us to share strawberries together on our anniversary and Valentine’s day. It was the only thing he could do as he didn’t have money or the ability to go to a store. I cried when he did that because while he’s in so much pain he was still thinking of me.

Thirteen years later, I love him more then the first time I met him. He makes me laugh and cry like no one else. He still as charming as he was the day I met him. I still tingle when he touches me. And that’s all a girl can ask for.

Edit: Thank goodness I’m not a doctor.   Sean’s kidney stone is 12 mm not cm.  All I really know is they can’t operate with any type of infection in his kidney.  He sees a doc on Tuesday and then we should know more.


I’ve Been Busy

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been busy.   My daughter had to go on leave from work, it is creating a hardship for the family but she was having some major health issues and needed to start taking it easy before the baby arrives.   So today I took her to her weekly doctor visit and seems everything is going well.   Which I’m so thankful for.  In two weeks my daughter will have two kids to contend with.   I don’t know how she’s going to do it but she’s young and very resourceful.  When I left their house this evening Damian started crying when I said goodbye.  I couldn’t figure out why.  So I gave him a kiss and he wanted me to hold him.   I gave him back to Mom and he just started balling again, that’s when we realized he didn’t want to me go or he wanted me to take him with me.   I was shocked and it felt really good to know he likes hanging with me even if he is only one.

So after Sean and I went out to dinner with friends, I decided to work on a project with the silk scarfs I painted about 4 months ago.   The scarfs are small and you really can’t do anything with them but I figured out what do and I really like the outcome as its not something I’ve seen before.   Let me know what you think.  I’m going to complete another one before I go to bed tonight.

Tomorrow, my daughter goes to her cardiologist to make sure there’s nothing going on with her heart before she has her c-section done on the 25th.    Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Silk Dragonfly

Silk Dragonfly

The Big Game! And I Wasn’t Home to See the End.

My Sunday started out fine.  Hubby and I opened our house up to friends for The Big Game! (Super Bowl)  In which our home team was playing, that would be Arizona Cardinals.  We were all excited because in the history of football Arizona had never been in this position before.   When the Cards won the championship game to lead them to the Game of all Games we were on cloud nine.   Arizona had new hope and the same atomsphere felt during the inauguration could be felt during the Super Bowl.

We had it in our grasp, we were so close, Cards scored a touch down in the fourth quarter putting them in the lead, 23 to 20.   I turn the car off and close the door.  While everyone was at home, I was taking my daughter to the hospital.  She was feeling light headed and almost passed out at work.  We were entering the hospital and we were excited the Cardinals had finally done what they have tried to do so for so many years.  The score was 23 to 20 Cardinals had the game.

My daughter gets a room and is hooked up to a bunch of monitors, I hear cheering in another room.  I thought the woman was having a baby, no she was cheering about the game.  Everything changed in the next hour, the Cardinals lost with only seconds left and my Son-in-Law re-ended a guy on his way home from my house.  My daughters blood pressure went up because she was starting to stress.  I told her to relax there wasn’t anything she could do, because well the Steelers were just a better team and there really wasn’t anything she could do in regards to her husband and his car.   He and my grandson were fine.  It wasn’t a major accident and she couldn’t really do anything about it.   I called her Dad and told him what was going on.   He came up to the hospital joked with her a little bit and then left.  It was just her and I.  I sat and Twittered what was going on so people I knew could maybe say a prayer or send positives thoughts to her and it must of worked.  Her blood pressure came down, the baby wasn’t in any stress and all her blood work came back fine.  She’s a very strong woman and a great mother.  I wish I was as great of a Mom as she has been.

Everyone is fine and the Arizona Cardinals will recover from their loss.  They tried to hard to win and they deserve to be where they are now because they worked for it.  My daughter and SIL are great parents and they deserve to win too.  So in three short weeks they will have a baby girl and I will have my first Grandaughter.  I think February is going to be a great month.   What a strange day I’ve had today, my home team lost the Super Bowl, daughter went to the hospital and my SIL rear ends someone on the I-10.    Tomorrow will be a better day, I just know it.


So tonight, or in the wee early hours, I was going through reading the blogs I read almost daily and I came across  one by a man that I find quite funny and enjoyable to read, Dad Gone Mad.  I was so moved by his blog that I actually had to comment.    Then decided I needed to blog about it.

As a society,  I thought we had grown, but recently I’ve seen a trend that makes me wonder.  I have many friends who blog, they blog about many different things.  Some are political, some are comical and many are personal.  I enjoy them all except one type, those that feel I should agree with their views and no other view is acceptable.   I find those blogs hard to read but also makes me rethink how I feel about them as a person or if I want their views to be apart of me and my life.  I’m not perfect and neither are my opinions, I’m always open to new views.  If you don’t agree with me that’s fine and you can say so but don’t push it to the point of where I feel like I don’t matter and that my view isn’t important, and that what is been great for you is going to be great for me.  For myself, It doesn’t work that way.

Do not tell me my mother is going to hell because she had an abortion, it saved her life, or I voted incorrectly and everything is going to get worse world wide because of it,  and absolutely don’t criticize me or my children because of how I raised them to be open minded.  It is not your right to push your opinion and beliefs on me or anyone else.

Lately, I’ve watched Americans blog and comment with their own opinion of what they feel is wrong with other countries cultural and religious beliefs.  Who made us experts in what others should do and believe?  We tend to poke fun and ridicule others we don’t understand.  We find it okay to be disrespectful to each other not only on-line but also face to face, we are  focused on those we don’t understand.

When we write on-line  realize your words can go farther than just a few friends, it can change how the world views us.   Some Americans sit and wonder why we are hated, our flags are burned our citizens jailed for something they did that was legal here but not where they are at.  They feel their rights and beliefs should be universal.  Guess what, they are not.  We don’t have the right to tell anyone that their wrong, when we as a country can’t get our financing straight, our government to pay attention to our needs, or even raise respectful children.  We’ve become disrespectful to each other in our  own communities as well as disrespectful to the world and it’s starting to show and many countries have  or are taking notice.

Maybe we need to start looking closely at ourselves and stop worrying about what others are doing, we may just find a few imperfections that we didn’t even realize we had.  I know I have a lot of them and I’m working to correct them as I write.

Sunday, The Day After

Photo courtesy of ousooner44 on Flickr

Photo courtesy of ousooner44 on Flickr

So yesterday I had a very long day.  It started actually the day before and didn’t end until about midnight last night.  Yesterday, my husband and I went to breakfast at Denny’s and then came home and started preparing for Arizona First Annual No Pants Day! on Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Light Rail.  This was a my second experience on the light rail and absolutely loved it.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Light Rail and No Pants Day! experience.  It was awesome, great turn out, at least 90 to a 100 people participated.   My husband and I were also participants.   There are pics on Flickr of my husbands legs.  There are as far as I know none of me.  I didn’t expect there to be but somehow I made it on the news feeds standing behind or around one of the creators of the group in Phoenix.

I sent a message to my Dad and Step-Mother that I had participated in the event and didn’t want them freaking out if they saw us on the news as one of the news agencies picked it up Nationally.   I actually tried not to be in the cameras view but somehow I was followed a couple of times and there are pics of me dressed.

Sean and I started at the location #1 in Tempe, AZ at Apache & Dorsey.  We caught the light rail at the beginning in Mesa and rode into Tempe.  Then,  got off to start on it again on the first train that left the location at 3pm.   The first train was packed!  I was wearing all black and lets just say, I was hot the whole trip.  I had to stand all the way to our disembarking location.   My arms and hands killing me because I had a death grip on the handle just trying to keep my balance, I so need the Wii fit at this point.  I didn’t strip down to my undies out of respect for the children and parents around me.   I could see the parents were extremely upset because they had no idea what was happening.    I was extremely nervous and didn’t want to deal with angry passengers on a very hot train ride. BTW, hubby had no problem stripping down to his undies.  I so wish I had his legs.

We disembarked at Central and Campbell and stopped for coffee at the Lux a small coffee shop.   My husband and I had water and then ran to catch the next train back to the beginning.

The ride back was a lot less congested and I was relieved as I had removed my skirt on the platform of the train station.   Nothing like removing your clothing with traffic whizzing by.   I chose to stand and have my death grip on the handles again on the way back.   Trust me I’m really sore and just took some Aleve to ease the pain.

So, I’m sitting here asking myself, Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  I’m a huge fan of art no matter what the form is. I believe this was a great big art experiment that was very successful.   I plan on attending again next year.

Yesterday was a big day for Arizona, the Cardinals won a championship game, I’m so going to a bookie and betting on the next game.  Now where do I find one?   And Phoenix has shown that we know how to have a good time.   I’ve lived here all my life and this was something that we really needed to prove ourselves as not only a great place to live but we are a fun loving city of people.

Today I plan on doing some laundry and I need to vacuum my living room.  And I think I’ll nap occassionally as I slept on the couch sitting up because pressure of any kind on my arms would cause me to wake up.

So how was your Saturday?

Saturday! The Big Day!

Later today, I hope to be making my debut in the area of improv comedy.  Of course to me this will be more of an inside joke to those of us participating.  There are a few things I fear and one of them could happen today.  I could be arrested not for public indecency but for disruption of the light rail system.  On December 27, 2008, Light Rail started running in Phoenix.  So this is a whole new experience for Phoenix area residence.

Sean and I will be going downtown, at one of the museums,  for the Star Trek Experience at 11am. Didn’t really know about it until recently.  Tells you how much I stay on top of sci-fi here in town or really anywhere.   And then participating in the light rail phenomenon known as No Pants Day! or for those who live outside the US, No Trousers Day!  I will be wearing undies.  I just haven’t figured out which ones.

I’m putting so much thought into this that I want the top half of me to just say “My Gawd, She’s beautiful, WTF where’s her pants if they pan down that far.   I’m definitely going to be wearing my boots I bought in the fall, and I’m think I’ll wear a skirt.  Makes it easier to put on and take off and a long shirt to cover my ass.

My current decision is trying to decide if I want to be funny and wear Spanx, because I have a pair or if I should wear my torrid frilly undies.  They are black and totally cute. But really not all that comfortable,  I didn’t buy them to wear outside of my house.  If you get what I mean.

I have a feeling if we are arrested it will really just be one of those things where they put you in cuffs process you and then release you to ride the rails back home.  Or Arpaio’s group could arrest us and ban us from riding the rails for life and my picture is plastered on some post office wall stating this person is to never get on the light rails again.  Hey, I don’t know what to expect so I think I will take my iPod and my knitting to keep me company.  With my target bag that claims I hug trees.  Yeah who would want to arrest someone that loves to hug trees and wear frilly underwear.

Maybe now I can go back to sleep.

Comfort Zone

So this Saturday, January 10th, I’ve somewhat volunteered myself to do something outside of my comfort zone.  I want to participate in Phoenix’s first No Pants Day! on the light rail,   As I’ve grown older I’ve grown accustom to closing myself off to not only strangers but to family and friends.  I don’t know why it happened but it has.  Participating in this event actually will make me vulnerable to everyone.   Sean’s not talking to me much about it so I’m guessing he does not want to participate but won’t tell me no.

I think a lot of it has to do with insecurity about my looks and how much I weigh.  If you ask me how much I weigh I’ll tell you, while I’m insecure about it I’m not ashamed of it.   How can I be ashamed of something that I  helped create?  It is after all my security blanket.   I don’t have to worry about the compliments, like Crystal you look hot! Well okay, my wonderful husband tells me that and well I like it when he does.   No sudden honking of horns when I walk down the street.   Some of my friends, who are absolutely beautiful talk about the stares and comments, I guess I tune them out because a strangers opinion of me doesn’t matter.  It’s what I think of myself.

As I’ve grown older I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone a couple of times but I don’t do it very often.   It’s just easier to stay safe and warm inside myself and not let anyone in.

When my mother was a live she started doing things I would have never done in my 20’s in her 40’s.  I’m thinking I’m doing it as a tribute to her and realizing that sometimes taking a risk gives us the freedom to do other things that we wouldn’t do otherwise.

My husband the human social butterfly seems to have no problem dancing at hockey games, saying what comes to mind without the forethought to consider he may offend someone, while you are lucky to catch me dancing and singing inside my own house.   What happens to us as we grow older we no longer dance and sing like we did as kids.  I remember once at around the age of nine telling a family friend that I sang better than (great I’m really going to date myself) Tanya Tucker and I would sing Delta Dawn at the top of my lungs.   That song is still a favorite and now I actually know what the song means.

This week, I challenge everyone to do one  thing that takes them out of their comfort zone.  Eat lunch or see a movie by yourself maybe sing at the top of your lungs and don’t listen to what anyone says around you. You may find you actually have fun doing it.  Just find something simple that makes you somewhat uncomfortable and see if you can push yourself just little bit outside of it.

Happy Wednesday!  I’ll let you know if I stray out of my comfort zone on Saturday with the No Pants Day!  So stay tuned.

Trashy Thursday

Emo hear me roar

Emo hear me roar

All my life I’ve come across as miss goody two shoes.  I’m 45 trust me I know things.  I’ve seen things.  I’ve even done things Miss Goody Goody wouldn’t do or wouldn’t she?   And I wouldn’t change a thing.

After high school I married and had three wonderful kids.  I thought I was happy until I started meeting people on bulletin boards.  If you had a computer and modem in the 90’s trust me you were on a bulletin board service.   I worked and tried to raise three kids and take care of my husbands needs.   One day I realized, as I went to a GT (Get Together), that there were people younger and older than me having a lot of fun and raising their kids.    Then I met my current husband and I made some choices that weren’t necessarily  best ones but they were my choices to make.  Leaving my ex-husband was the right choice and I don’t regret it.  Other things I did weren’t the right choice to make but I still wouldn’t go back and change anything, because I did the best I could.

In the 90’s, I saw my first x-rated movie.  I’m not telling which one but it had a clown in it so I thought it was a comedy and still do to this day.  I found out the meaning of S & M, and saw a live show.  Also found out I’m not interested in that kind of thing either.   I had my first attempt at a three way, no that didn’t work either.  To this day I still have no interest in it, so don’t bother asking.   All the while trying to still help raise my three kids.  Their dad did the best he could and I thank him for his part in their lives.  I also moved in with my current husband and lived with him without being married.  I was divorced and married again in the 90’s.   I found out I like hockey, though if you see me on the jumbotron at a RoadRunners game you wouldn’t think so.   I found out I have very expensive food taste, I love sushi and caviar and Belgium beer.  Damn it now I would like a nice Philly roll and some caviar.   (note to self don’t blog about food)  I also found the love of my life even if he doesn’t always do what I say.  I experienced grieving for the first time, my mother died.  I still miss her.

Now, from 2000 to this year I’ve experienced even more things that I thought I never would.   I have friends that love me for who I am and don’t care about what size I am.  I’m not ashamed to say, I’m a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and try to support our community as much as I can.   Here some things I’m proud of.  I have gone Chunky Dunking (skinny dipping for those skinny people reading).  I’ve done it several times, don’t knock until you’ve tried it.  It is a very freeing experience.   I’ve had tasteful nude photos taken of me twice, another liberating experience for me, only good friends are allowed to see those per my husband.   I’ve had sex in a hot tub, I won’t say who’s.   They don’t need to know.  Trust me the chemicals you put in them kills everything.

So, my question is what are the things you’ve wished to experience but haven’t and why not?  How would I know what I do and don’t like if I didn’t at least experience it on some level?  In order to enjoy life you have to live it.  I hope to experience more this weekend with my husband.

And how did I come to create this blog, when I thought of this.  You have one picture of yourself  on Flickr with whipped cream and everyone now wants to be your friend.  It’s not part of my flickr pics it’s on a friends who took the pic and only viewable to her close personal friends.  Great, now I realize it’s probably on some porn site.

It’s Wednesday, Like You Didn’t Know That Already

My daughter dropped by unexpectedly today with my grandson.  He was so full of life and my daughter just look miserable.  Taking care of a 15 month old isn’t an easy task when you are expecting baby number in February.  Add on top of that you work retail and guess what time of year it is.  It’s that time of year when all the pregnant ladies due soon flock to their nearest Babies R’ Us and become hormonal.    I have to give my daughter credit she takes it all in stride and does what she needs to so she’s prepared for baby number two.

I was reading Dad Gone Mad blog and well his craft/homework project with his eight year old son reminded of an incident that happened to my daughter with  her  older brother and spray paint.    I wish I had the forethought to have a camera at the time to take pictures.  My children were only allowed to play in the backyard when they were young, and it was a nice spring day so I asked them to play outside.    So my son, and his best friend in the neighborhood and my six year old daughter went out to play.    They were playing quietly, which should have been my first clue they were up to something, but I also had a four year old that wasn’t allowed outside by himself  so I was in the house with him.   I don’t remember exactly what I was doing but I realized they were too quiet for kids and went outside to investigate.  To my surprise my daughter was no longer the cute blonde haired blue eyed child I had sent outside, she was now painted entirely silver.   From head to toe she had been spray painted silver.  I looked at the boys and asked them why she was now silver.  Of course, the neighbor kid realized he was being called home and left.  I had my son who knew he was in trouble standing there asking me why I was upset.   She wanted to be silver.   I guess she did because she stood there and let them paint her.   Then I asked where the paint came from and he said, “We found the can over here in the grass”.  What how would that get there?  I panicked ran my daughter into the bathroom and got her in the bathtub scrubbing the paint off.

All I could think of  was getting her safe from the paint and how I was going to get the stuff off.   Luckily, the paint had not  dried and I got  it off completely.  Unfortunately, our bathtub was now silver and I knew I would need to deal with it quickly.   For about a week the tub had a silver hue but eventually it went away.

When their Dad came home I told him all about what had happened and I asked him “How would our children get a hold of silver paint?”.  His response was “Oh, so that’s where that can went after I threw it off the roof”.  “Why would you have silver paint on the roof”?  He said “I had to paint the cooler to prevent it from rusting”.   I could have killed him.  We laugh about it now but then it was very serious.  So many things could have happened to our little girl and I’m so grateful she’s such a great mother to her son.  I just hope they keep the silver paint out of his reach.

It’s Monday and I knitted.

I did it!

I did it!

So this morning I completed my first knitting project.  My daughter is currently pregnant with her second child, who they say will be a girl.  I wanted to make something for the baby once she was here.  With all of the imperfections I absolutely love it.   I  finally finished a project that I started as a gift to someone.   Now I need to knit something for the grandson.

Now I need to concentrate on cleaning my house.   Grandson will be here Wednesday and Friday of this week because my daughters sitter will not be available.

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