The Night Before Thanksgiving

It’s actually already Thanksgiving, it has been for almost an hour.  Time flies when you are searching on the web for some advice on actually cooking a turkey.  Until recently, my husband and I usually ate out.

We had planned on going out somewhere to eat until we had to have our air conditioner fixed this week.  That’s right I live in sunny Arizona and up until today it had been unusually warm.   I mean we still needed to use the air conditioner.   I’ve been waiting for it to cool off here.  I’ve had the door open to our backyard most of the day.

I guess since this my first blog I should say a few things about myself.  I’m a grandmother living out her dreams as a domestic engineer, okay I’m a housewife.   I have three children that are all grown up and all but one has moved out of the house.   My daughter made me a grandmother last year and for a wedding anniversary gift this year she is giving me grandchild number two.   I’ve asked them both to stop procreating but neither my son-in-law or daughter will listen to me.  My oldest son lives in New York, Buffalo no less, I have no idea why he would move from always sunny Arizona to lake effect snow.   Oh, and he doesn’t drive.  So his snow stories can be fascinating.    The third child lives with my husband and I and the only thing I can say right now is, “what bomb went off in his room that did not affect our whole house”.

My husband and I both were previously married.  I’ll keep the ex-spouses out of this journal as there are reasons for them being exes.

Anyway, it’s the morning of Thanksgiving and I’m freaking out about a turkey!  I’ve decided to rub it down with olive oil and some spices.  Every website I’ve gone to mentions spices so I’ll use some of those.   And one site recommended oranges and onions stuffed inside the bird so I’m going to try some citrus, but skip the onions.

I’m sure for my first blog it is boring so I’m going to put everyone out of their misery and go play some x-box for a while since the recipes have started to make my eyes hurt and I’m becoming delusional about turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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