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Verde Valley Train Ride

Verde Valley Train Ride

All I can say is thank goodness it wasn’t something my husband wouldn’t approved of me putting out in public view.  I can’t believe I wrote that but oh well.  We are a family with no filters, or so I’ve been told.

This picture was taken on the Verde Canyon Train Ride outside of Cottonwood.   I went on the tour with a good friend and took some amazing pictures and some not so amazing.  I have to say if anyone had sat me in a room and showed this picture I would probably of said something “Oh that’s really nice”  and turned to Sean “I hope they don’t make me sit here all night and look at these”.

Since no one even knows about this blog I won’t tag anyone yet.   I have a feeling if Cj finds out about it my blog will be come famous and then I’ll be fighting off the autograph hounds or paparazzi, I can dream can’t I?

If anyone stumbles on my blog and wants to participate  they can do the following and just send me the link.  🙂

This is called the Sixth Photo Meme. If you’re a Flickr user, go to the sixth page of your photostream, choose the sixth photo and post to your site.


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