It’s Friday!

Yes, that’s right today is Friday and I don’t know what to write about yet.  I’ve gone through and read most of my favorite blogs, which are listed under blogroll.    I’m not even dressed yet.  I keep thinking there is something written in stone somewhere that says I need to be dressed by 9am.  So when it’s almost 11am and I’m  not dressed I feel guilty.  I feel worse when my husband comes home and I’m still in my jammies and that’s anytime after 3pm.

Enough about me and whether I’m dressed or not.

I look around my house and think I really should be cleaning the baseboards.  With two dogs and a cat they can become pretty dirty.   Then I start reading either twitter or plurk.  I find the people there much more fascinating then my dirty baseboards.  Of course that leads to “I’ll clean them tomorrow”.   The next thing that will happen is I’m featured on “How clean is your house” and Kim and Aggie will point out my dirty baseboards.   Really, ladies they are not that bad.  I do mop and sweep just not on a schedule you would approve of.   All Right!  you convinced me I’ll clean the baseboards today, just later, I have more reading to do.

On Sunday, I pulled the tree down out of the garage and put it up.   We didn’t even primp the branches so it looks almost like it did when it came out of box.   I keep thinking if I clean up the living room maybe then I’ll get in the spirit of Christmas.    Our tree comes fully decorated.  It reminds me of something you find in a store display, I think that is actually what it is.

What would people like to read about when I write or should I quit now?  I like clearing out the cobwebs in my head once in a while and I would like to make this a daily ritual I just don’t know what to write about.


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