It’s Wednesday, Like You Didn’t Know That Already

My daughter dropped by unexpectedly today with my grandson.  He was so full of life and my daughter just look miserable.  Taking care of a 15 month old isn’t an easy task when you are expecting baby number in February.  Add on top of that you work retail and guess what time of year it is.  It’s that time of year when all the pregnant ladies due soon flock to their nearest Babies R’ Us and become hormonal.    I have to give my daughter credit she takes it all in stride and does what she needs to so she’s prepared for baby number two.

I was reading Dad Gone Mad blog and well his craft/homework project with his eight year old son reminded of an incident that happened to my daughter with  her  older brother and spray paint.    I wish I had the forethought to have a camera at the time to take pictures.  My children were only allowed to play in the backyard when they were young, and it was a nice spring day so I asked them to play outside.    So my son, and his best friend in the neighborhood and my six year old daughter went out to play.    They were playing quietly, which should have been my first clue they were up to something, but I also had a four year old that wasn’t allowed outside by himself  so I was in the house with him.   I don’t remember exactly what I was doing but I realized they were too quiet for kids and went outside to investigate.  To my surprise my daughter was no longer the cute blonde haired blue eyed child I had sent outside, she was now painted entirely silver.   From head to toe she had been spray painted silver.  I looked at the boys and asked them why she was now silver.  Of course, the neighbor kid realized he was being called home and left.  I had my son who knew he was in trouble standing there asking me why I was upset.   She wanted to be silver.   I guess she did because she stood there and let them paint her.   Then I asked where the paint came from and he said, “We found the can over here in the grass”.  What how would that get there?  I panicked ran my daughter into the bathroom and got her in the bathtub scrubbing the paint off.

All I could think of  was getting her safe from the paint and how I was going to get the stuff off.   Luckily, the paint had not  dried and I got  it off completely.  Unfortunately, our bathtub was now silver and I knew I would need to deal with it quickly.   For about a week the tub had a silver hue but eventually it went away.

When their Dad came home I told him all about what had happened and I asked him “How would our children get a hold of silver paint?”.  His response was “Oh, so that’s where that can went after I threw it off the roof”.  “Why would you have silver paint on the roof”?  He said “I had to paint the cooler to prevent it from rusting”.   I could have killed him.  We laugh about it now but then it was very serious.  So many things could have happened to our little girl and I’m so grateful she’s such a great mother to her son.  I just hope they keep the silver paint out of his reach.



  1. Kelly said,

    December 18, 2008 at 3:36

    Oh man!! I think I might be checking the backyard everytime I send the kids outside to play! LOL

  2. crysohara said,

    December 18, 2008 at 3:36

    I still check the backyard, because I never know what the dogs took out there.

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