Sunday, The Day After

Photo courtesy of ousooner44 on Flickr

Photo courtesy of ousooner44 on Flickr

So yesterday I had a very long day.  It started actually the day before and didn’t end until about midnight last night.  Yesterday, my husband and I went to breakfast at Denny’s and then came home and started preparing for Arizona First Annual No Pants Day! on Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Light Rail.  This was a my second experience on the light rail and absolutely loved it.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Light Rail and No Pants Day! experience.  It was awesome, great turn out, at least 90 to a 100 people participated.   My husband and I were also participants.   There are pics on Flickr of my husbands legs.  There are as far as I know none of me.  I didn’t expect there to be but somehow I made it on the news feeds standing behind or around one of the creators of the group in Phoenix.

I sent a message to my Dad and Step-Mother that I had participated in the event and didn’t want them freaking out if they saw us on the news as one of the news agencies picked it up Nationally.   I actually tried not to be in the cameras view but somehow I was followed a couple of times and there are pics of me dressed.

Sean and I started at the location #1 in Tempe, AZ at Apache & Dorsey.  We caught the light rail at the beginning in Mesa and rode into Tempe.  Then,  got off to start on it again on the first train that left the location at 3pm.   The first train was packed!  I was wearing all black and lets just say, I was hot the whole trip.  I had to stand all the way to our disembarking location.   My arms and hands killing me because I had a death grip on the handle just trying to keep my balance, I so need the Wii fit at this point.  I didn’t strip down to my undies out of respect for the children and parents around me.   I could see the parents were extremely upset because they had no idea what was happening.    I was extremely nervous and didn’t want to deal with angry passengers on a very hot train ride. BTW, hubby had no problem stripping down to his undies.  I so wish I had his legs.

We disembarked at Central and Campbell and stopped for coffee at the Lux a small coffee shop.   My husband and I had water and then ran to catch the next train back to the beginning.

The ride back was a lot less congested and I was relieved as I had removed my skirt on the platform of the train station.   Nothing like removing your clothing with traffic whizzing by.   I chose to stand and have my death grip on the handles again on the way back.   Trust me I’m really sore and just took some Aleve to ease the pain.

So, I’m sitting here asking myself, Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  I’m a huge fan of art no matter what the form is. I believe this was a great big art experiment that was very successful.   I plan on attending again next year.

Yesterday was a big day for Arizona, the Cardinals won a championship game, I’m so going to a bookie and betting on the next game.  Now where do I find one?   And Phoenix has shown that we know how to have a good time.   I’ve lived here all my life and this was something that we really needed to prove ourselves as not only a great place to live but we are a fun loving city of people.

Today I plan on doing some laundry and I need to vacuum my living room.  And I think I’ll nap occassionally as I slept on the couch sitting up because pressure of any kind on my arms would cause me to wake up.

So how was your Saturday?


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