So tonight, or in the wee early hours, I was going through reading the blogs I read almost daily and I came across  one by a man that I find quite funny and enjoyable to read, Dad Gone Mad.  I was so moved by his blog that I actually had to comment.    Then decided I needed to blog about it.

As a society,  I thought we had grown, but recently I’ve seen a trend that makes me wonder.  I have many friends who blog, they blog about many different things.  Some are political, some are comical and many are personal.  I enjoy them all except one type, those that feel I should agree with their views and no other view is acceptable.   I find those blogs hard to read but also makes me rethink how I feel about them as a person or if I want their views to be apart of me and my life.  I’m not perfect and neither are my opinions, I’m always open to new views.  If you don’t agree with me that’s fine and you can say so but don’t push it to the point of where I feel like I don’t matter and that my view isn’t important, and that what is been great for you is going to be great for me.  For myself, It doesn’t work that way.

Do not tell me my mother is going to hell because she had an abortion, it saved her life, or I voted incorrectly and everything is going to get worse world wide because of it,  and absolutely don’t criticize me or my children because of how I raised them to be open minded.  It is not your right to push your opinion and beliefs on me or anyone else.

Lately, I’ve watched Americans blog and comment with their own opinion of what they feel is wrong with other countries cultural and religious beliefs.  Who made us experts in what others should do and believe?  We tend to poke fun and ridicule others we don’t understand.  We find it okay to be disrespectful to each other not only on-line but also face to face, we are  focused on those we don’t understand.

When we write on-line  realize your words can go farther than just a few friends, it can change how the world views us.   Some Americans sit and wonder why we are hated, our flags are burned our citizens jailed for something they did that was legal here but not where they are at.  They feel their rights and beliefs should be universal.  Guess what, they are not.  We don’t have the right to tell anyone that their wrong, when we as a country can’t get our financing straight, our government to pay attention to our needs, or even raise respectful children.  We’ve become disrespectful to each other in our  own communities as well as disrespectful to the world and it’s starting to show and many countries have  or are taking notice.

Maybe we need to start looking closely at ourselves and stop worrying about what others are doing, we may just find a few imperfections that we didn’t even realize we had.  I know I have a lot of them and I’m working to correct them as I write.


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