The Big Game! And I Wasn’t Home to See the End.

My Sunday started out fine.  Hubby and I opened our house up to friends for The Big Game! (Super Bowl)  In which our home team was playing, that would be Arizona Cardinals.  We were all excited because in the history of football Arizona had never been in this position before.   When the Cards won the championship game to lead them to the Game of all Games we were on cloud nine.   Arizona had new hope and the same atomsphere felt during the inauguration could be felt during the Super Bowl.

We had it in our grasp, we were so close, Cards scored a touch down in the fourth quarter putting them in the lead, 23 to 20.   I turn the car off and close the door.  While everyone was at home, I was taking my daughter to the hospital.  She was feeling light headed and almost passed out at work.  We were entering the hospital and we were excited the Cardinals had finally done what they have tried to do so for so many years.  The score was 23 to 20 Cardinals had the game.

My daughter gets a room and is hooked up to a bunch of monitors, I hear cheering in another room.  I thought the woman was having a baby, no she was cheering about the game.  Everything changed in the next hour, the Cardinals lost with only seconds left and my Son-in-Law re-ended a guy on his way home from my house.  My daughters blood pressure went up because she was starting to stress.  I told her to relax there wasn’t anything she could do, because well the Steelers were just a better team and there really wasn’t anything she could do in regards to her husband and his car.   He and my grandson were fine.  It wasn’t a major accident and she couldn’t really do anything about it.   I called her Dad and told him what was going on.   He came up to the hospital joked with her a little bit and then left.  It was just her and I.  I sat and Twittered what was going on so people I knew could maybe say a prayer or send positives thoughts to her and it must of worked.  Her blood pressure came down, the baby wasn’t in any stress and all her blood work came back fine.  She’s a very strong woman and a great mother.  I wish I was as great of a Mom as she has been.

Everyone is fine and the Arizona Cardinals will recover from their loss.  They tried to hard to win and they deserve to be where they are now because they worked for it.  My daughter and SIL are great parents and they deserve to win too.  So in three short weeks they will have a baby girl and I will have my first Grandaughter.  I think February is going to be a great month.   What a strange day I’ve had today, my home team lost the Super Bowl, daughter went to the hospital and my SIL rear ends someone on the I-10.    Tomorrow will be a better day, I just know it.


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