Nothing Says “I Love You” Like A Kidney Stone

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I was going to upload a pic of hubby and I but I can’t find our wedding picture. If you want to see it you will have to hunt down The Phoenix Gazette from February 14, 1996. We were front page news way back then.
I’ve posted a picture of what we look like today.

In 1995, I moved in with my, then friend Sean, as I was leaving my husband after 13 years of marriage. That was a tough time in my life as I liked my then husband but I wasn’t “In Love with him” I needed to move out. Sean and I met during the time you didn’t use the internet to meet people you logged onto a local BBS with your phone line. We talked and I met him a few times and I really loved his sense of humor.

I moved in with Sean in January of 1995 and by October 1995 we were thinking of getting married. There was no proposal just decided that if we were to get married we would do it via a radio station DJ named Dave Pratt. It would keep the cost down and we could really party.

On Valentine’s Day 1996, we were married at the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Phoenix by the radio DJ. Our two friends, Coppertop and Mik, both from the same BBS, where our witnesses.  This was also one of the last events my Mother attended before her death in 1997.  My mother and our two friends were the only people allowed to attend our wedding as there was limited amount of space in the restaurant.  (I’m probably one of the few that when I hear Hard Rock Cafe I think of my wedding and not the place where Anna Nicole Smith died.) We had to be at Hard Rock at 5 am in the morning as the ceremony would begin sometime before 10 am as the restaurant opened at 10:30 or 11:00 am. One of the bakeries donated a cake, and we had orange juice to toast by. It was a beautiful day that I will remember forever. Our song was and still is Highway to Hell. I make my husband dance to it every time I hear it.

Now move forward to 2009 at 5am! My eyes were half glazed over from lack of sleep. I just followed an ambulance from one hospital to another. In the back is my wonderful husband of 13 years, and he is being transferred to another hospital because he has a GIANT kidney stone that needs to be removed. Nothing says I love you like a kidney stone. The poor guy had developed a kidney stone that was so huge it took up 4 centimeter squares on the CT scan, and this means he needs to go where the Urologist will be, a hospital that is about 5 miles from where we are. We live in Phoenix, are you kidding me? Yeah the Urologists here roam because they don’t like to be on staff at hospitals.

So my Valentine’s day was spent at the hospital most of the time, unless I was asleep at home. Hubby was and still in a lot of pain as they had to put a stint in to move the stone as it is so large it has caused some problems with one of his kidneys and they are trying to get it to function properly again before they attempt removal. For the next two weeks he will perform his normal duties, work and such until he can do outpatient surgery.

I went back late yesterday to the hospital, where Hubby saved his bowl of strawberries and asked the nurse if there was another bowl as he wanted us to share strawberries together on our anniversary and Valentine’s day. It was the only thing he could do as he didn’t have money or the ability to go to a store. I cried when he did that because while he’s in so much pain he was still thinking of me.

Thirteen years later, I love him more then the first time I met him. He makes me laugh and cry like no one else. He still as charming as he was the day I met him. I still tingle when he touches me. And that’s all a girl can ask for.

Edit: Thank goodness I’m not a doctor.   Sean’s kidney stone is 12 mm not cm.  All I really know is they can’t operate with any type of infection in his kidney.  He sees a doc on Tuesday and then we should know more.



  1. carol lee said,

    February 23, 2009 at 3:36

    all I can say is WOW

  2. Kelly said,

    March 2, 2009 at 3:36

    you guys are a wonderful couple and you both are the nicest people I’ve ever met. I hope Sean is doing well. Congrats on 13 years 🙂

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